@webdoc Video Walk-through from #140edu Conference

WebDoc, a new document creating/communication platform focused on multimedia, was a gracious sponsor of the #140edu Conference in New York City on August 2nd and 3rd. My WebDoc account has been idle since May, when it was opened, because I simply didn’t realize the platform’s potential, but after sitting down with Cyril Pavillard from WebDoc, I couldn’t wait to spread praise about this valuable application!

A few features:

  • easy to create multimedia documents
  • drag & drop
  • add text, embed links, and draw
  • create instant slideshows of photos from the web or computer
  • customizable the background
  • custom Widgets allow you to integrate Twitter, Google Maps, and SlideShare
  • insert images from Flickr or Google, video from YouTube, and audio from SoundCloud
  • hyperlink or embed your WebDoc into your website
  • share to FaceBook, FaceBook Pages, Twitter, other WebDoc friends or +1
The coolest feature, by far, is WebDoc’s ability to comment and reply to webdocs WITH A WEBDOC. I believe this is the first application to create multimedia replies and commentary within a thread.
What do you think of WebDoc? Let me know on Twitter @cassella_  !

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