Tackling Tech as a Teacher – Part 1: A Conversation with Daniel Beylerian

Want to know how powerful a PLN can be? I met Daniel Beylerian through Twitter. In fact, he was the first person to welcome me and actively reached out to connect. Last night, I spent over two hours with him as we discussed the topic “Tackling Tech as a Teacher.” In Part 1, Daniel discusses his approach to learning tech called “ACE.” Are you an A, C, or E? Each part of this series will be available on my YouTube Channel and here at Diary fo a “Digital Native.”
Here are some notes created by @DanielBeylerian from Part 1 of our conversation…
A.C.E. Learning Approach

  • Awareness
    • Read about the tech
    • Watch video tutorials
    • Create an account
    • Explore the tools as if you are playing in a sandbox.
  • Comfort
    • Sometimes what you really need is some pressure to dig into tech to solve a problem.
    • Other times, you just want to experiment with tech to create a private project.
    • Look at other peoples’ use of the tech and try to learn from their work.
  • Excellence
    • Use it in new ways. Reorganize yourself.
    • Introduce others to the tech. ~Don’t blow them away. Listen to them talk~maybe they have problems they are sharing~Ask them if they want to see something new that can help.

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